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                "It is the man, not the machine."  -Chuck Yeager

CHECK YOUR 6!  (CY6!) is an exciting and popular set of WWII air combat rules featuring 6 supporting scenario books. 

CY6-JET AGE  (CY6-JA) is a fast-paced set of modern air combat rules based on the CY6! system.



Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club released!

 Floatplane Hell released!  

Crisis in Kashmir released!

Road to Rabaul Released!

CY6-Jet Age Star and Pyramid Released!

CY6-JET AGE Released!

Air War Korea Released!

Days of Glory Released!

  8th AF Breaking the Luftwaffe Released!

  Aces Over Hungary Released!

  CY6! Wins Origins Award for Best   Historical Miniature Wargame of 2007!

 CHECK YOUR 6!  Groups IO (over 1200 members)

 CHECK YOUR 6!  Demo Video Online


Ease of Play
Check Your 6! was designed to reflect the realities of air combat with the simplest wargame mechanics possible. Instead of endless die modifiers, CY6!  utilizes multiple die types and innovative mechanics to enable players to think about the air fight instead of what chart to look at.


The Check Your 6! rulebook will be released with over 20 scenarios but will soon be followed by several Campaign Books in a SkirmishCampaigns-like format. See this webpage for more details in the next few months and see Example Scenario above.

Both Check Your 6!  games were designed to closely reflect the realities of WWII and Modern air combat while allowing for a playable game. Combat is reflected in 3D and the game is the result of two years of research into Air-to-Air, Air-to-Ground and Ground-to-air weapons, combat maneuvers, aircraft statistics and the influence of pilot skill on combat. Statistical analysis was extensively used to find the most efficient game systems. In addition, former US Air Force and US Marine Corps pilots were a part of the design team from the start, greatly influencing the design and playtesting.

Flight Stands & Campaign Packs
 Noble Miniatures and Regal Distributors: Check Your 6!  Flight Stands and campaign packs with aircraft.

CY6! is available from these and other leading vendors:
Last Square/Regal Distributors
On Military Matters
I-94 Enterprises
Brigade Games
Brookhurst Hobbies
North Star Miniatures (UK)
Dom's Decals (UK)

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