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“The defenses of Southern England will last four days and the Royal Air Force four weeks.  We can guarantee invasion for the Führer within a month.”
-Reichsmarschall Herman Göring,
11 July 1940


OVER THE CHANNEL: is a scenario and campaign book for the popular  CHECK YOUR 6!  Air Combat and Campaign Rules. This book contains 18 historical scenarios for recreating the aerial campaign over England and France from October 1939 to January 1941 that can be played individually or linked to form a single campaign.

this book includes several introduction sections that contain historical background information including insight into the key British and German Aces of the Battle of Britain plus a campaign map and bibliography for further reading.

AIRCRAFT STATISTICS and PAINTING GUIDE: this book contains statistics for all campaign aircraft statistics in CHECK YOUR 6!  format and two pages describing the standard paint schemes of aircraft from the Campaign.

Table of Contents

• Campaign Introduction
• Game Designer’s Dicta, Acknowledgements, Dedication
• Aircraft Painting Guide
• References
• RAF Aces of the Battle of Britain
• German Aces of the Battle of Britain
• Campaign Map
• Axis and Allied Aircraft Statistics for Check Your 6!
• Campaign Rules
• Scenarios (18)



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