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SkirmishCampaigns North Africa '40-'41 - Italian Misadventure and the Arrival of the DAK
is a compleate book for recreating skirmish-level battles and campaigns centered on the opening fighting in North Africa and the entry of the German Africa Corps (DAK). The book includes twelve sceanrios that can be played alone or together in one of five campaigns.

Maximum Replayability: the SkirmishCampaigns system features a realistic variable order of battle for each scenario, guaranteeing countless unique scenario and campaign replays.

Generic Order of Battle: this book also includes a unique generic order of battle listing that can be translated to almost any skirmish rule system.

Historical Research: this book includes several introduction sections that contain background information on the campaign for North Africa. This book also features a bibliography of sources.

Includes: 12 Scenarios, 5 Campaigns

Compatible with these and other Skirmish Rules: Battleground, Beer and Pretzels Skirmish (BAPS), ARC of FIRE, Face of Battle, Men of Frost, Overlord, Battalions in Crisis, Battlefront WWII, Cross of Iron, And in the Beginning, Skirmish '90, and more.

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