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  Plow Factory

Date: 27 June 1941, 1600 hours.
Location: On the western outskirts of Dubno, Ukraine.

By late on 26 June the 34th Tank Division was still attacking north after driving through the supply lines of the 11th Panzer Division. By the morning of 27 June the thrust had turned northeast with the objective of capturing Dubno and isolating 11th and 16th Panzer Divisions. The 34th Tank Division had been reinforced by the 7th Motorized Division and other elements of the 8th Mechanized Corps as the Soviets committed basically all of their available reinforcements in an effort to cut off the leading German panzer forces. The German 111th Infantry Division advanced in support of the panzers and prepared a defensive line including positions on the outskirts of Dubno. The first Soviet assault on these defenses was repelled. By late afternoon the Soviets were prepared to launch a more balanced attack with infantry elements that had finally caught up to the armor. The fighting throughout the day on 27 June would decide the fate of the 34th Tank Division and would have repercussions for the continued German drive to the east toward Kiev.

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