Fighting the Phoenix Cover

Fighting the Phoenix The Iran-Iraq Air War 1980-1988

FIGHTING THE PHOENIX is a scenario and campaign book for the popular Check Your 6 Jet Age  Air Combat and Campaign Rules. The book provides comprehensive coverage of the air war between Iran and Iraq from 1980 to 1988 under one cover with nine campaigns and 29 scenarios. The scenarios, featuring 22 different fighter, bomber, and helicopter types in 30 variants plus multiple SAM and patrol boat models, can be played individually, linked to form campaigns, or combined as one grand campaign.

  • The first campaign covers the initial Iraqi offensive and the stalwart defense conducted by Iran’s F-14s and their Phoenix missiles. The second covers the naval aspects of the first Iranian counterattacks and features a unique fast-play set of combined air- and naval-wargaming supplemental rules that integrate seamlessly into the CY6JA system.
  • The third campaign sees Iran regain the initiative and Iraq attempt to address its shortcomings, while the fourth campaign focuses on the close air support, air defense, and combat search and rescue aspects of this mid-war period. The fifth campaign spotlights the controversial Iraqi MiG-25 ace known as “Saddam’s Sky Falcon”.
  • The sixth, seventh, and eighth campaigns cover the massive changes in aircraft, weapons, and tactics – including mercenary pilots. The sixth campaign introduces the Mirage F.1 and MiG-29, as well as the Su-25 and Wild Weasel versions of the Su-24, plus Cobra and Hind attack helicopters. The seventh campaign focuses on Kharg Island, introduces the Exocet missile, and allows the players to experience mission-planning and mission-management. The eighth campaign covers the late-war period, pitting F-14 against MiG-29.
  • The ninth campaign is a bonus set of historical scenarios – USN F-14s, French Navy F-8s, Turkish F-100s, and Saudi Arabian F-15s mixing it up with the Iraqi and Islamic Republic of Iran air forces.


The book includes several introduction sections containing campaign historical background for 8-years of modern-age jet warfare, an annotated bibliography for further reading, and several campaign maps.


The book contains aircraft statistics for more than 30 US, French and Soviet-built aircraft in Check Your 6 Jet Age format for use in the scenarios. The book also contains detailed notes and rare pictures of the various aircraft, weapons, and equipment featured in the campaign.


Acknowledgements and Dedication
Annotated Bibliography                          
Campaign Maps                                        
Campaign History                                       
 -Pre-war Timeline: 1971-1980
 -The War
 -The Campaigns: 1980-1988
Campaign Aircraft
Campaign and Scenario Rules                  
Iran-Iraq War Special Rules                         
 -Surface Warfare Specific Rules
Iran-Iraq War Historical Rules                     
Campaign Play and Victory Tracking        
Scenario Format                                      
Campaign Scenarios                                     
 -Over the Top! (1980)
 -Paykan (1980)
 -Counterpunch (1981)
 -Battle for Basrah (1982)
 -Rayyan (1985-1986)
 -Turning Tide (1984-1987)
 -Kharg and Cargo (1987)
 -End Game (1988)
 -Invitation to Dance ('83, '84,'87)