Conventions SC SElite

HISTORICON 2014 July Frederickburg, VA

We had a spectacular time running our huge CY6! bomber game, Mission 250 to Berlin, at the convention. We had over 100 1/300 scale bombers flying to Berlin early on Saturday, then back to home that evening. Over 30 folks helped us put on this game, thanks to all of you - it was GREAT!

HISTORICON 2013 July Frederickburg, VA

We had a great Historicon this year as we released Sean and Mark's Normandy Fireball Forward book, CB's Crisis in Kashmir book and also the Bates 82nd Airborne Skirmish Elite book. We had multiple con games going at any one time and really had a great time with old friends.

HISTORICON 2011 November Lancaster, PA

We had a great Historicon this year and hosted numerous games. We released the new CY6! Jet Age Rules along with the Korean Air War Scenario book. Thanks to all who played in our games!


We had a super great Cold Wars this year- we hosted several games and had a great time with a 28mm action from our Russia '43-Gross Deutschland at Kursk book. Several people took pictures of the game- links to one of these sites is featured on the front page.

FALL IN '01 November Gettysburg, PA

Another great Fall In to be remembered. We ended up playing several games with our friend Steve Gusky including several from our Normandy First Hours book.

HISTORICON '01 July Lancaster, PA

We sure had a great bunch of games. Nate will be hosted one game from the Ghosts at Smolensk book. Our friends Ed and Guy will be hosted a game from our Normandy-First Hours book, a great glider-landing scenario called Howell Force. If you're having trouble finding Nate, just look for the cammo-painted SkirmishCampaigns "game-cart" have to see it to believe it!

COLD WARS '01 March Lancaster, PA

We had a great game from the SkirmishCampaigns: Finland '39-40-The Winter War book at Cold Wars. For this game, we used a new and exciting set of skirmish rules called TAC:Skirmish from TAC publications (Chris Pringle). In addition, Buck Surdu (and the HAWKS) played a great game from our SkirmishCampaigns: France '40-The Ghost Division book.

FALL IN '00 November Gettysburg, PA

We had a great game of Red Cavalry from our SkirmishCampaigns: Russia '41-Into the Ukraine book at Fall-In this year. The game was hosted by the HAWKS guys and will be using Buck Surdu's Beer and Pretzels Skirmish Rules.

HISTORICON '00 July Lancaster, PA

We had a great time watching a game of Rabka-Mzsana Road from our SkirmishCampaigns: Poland '39-The Black Brigade book at Historicon this year. It was hosted by the ever-talented Buck Surdu(ski) of BAPS fame. All seemed to have a really great time. THANKS BUCK!!

COLD WARS '00 10-12 March Lancaster, PA

We had fun hosting a game of Armor Clash from our new SkirmishCampaigns: Russia '41-Drive on Minsk book at Cold Wars this year. Thanks to all who participated. It was also nice to meet some of you who we had only known through email!