Scenario Book Downloads – SC & SE


SCENARIOS: From SkirmishCampaigns Books

Defiant Confrontation (PDF) 117KB
Sample scenario from SkirmishCampaigns: Finland '39-'40-The Winter War book. This scenario features a Soviet assault near Suomussalami on 13 December 1939.

Plow Factory (PDF) 117KB
Sample scenario from SkirmishCampaigns:Russia'41-Into the Ukraine book. This scenario features a Soviet counter-attack by the 34th Tank Division into the side of the German 111st Infantry Division at Dubno, Ukraine (features some fun tank wreck rules!).

Haut-le-Wastia (PDF) 114KB
Sample scenario from SkirmishCampaigns:France '40-The Ghost Division book. This scenario features a French counter-attack on a German bridgehead.

Rabka-Mszana Road (PDF) 51KB
Sample scenario from SkirmishCampaigns:Poland '39-The Black Brigade book. This scenario pits the tough Polish 10th Mech Brigade "The Black Brigade" against the rapidly advancing 2nd Panzer Division.

SkirmishCampaigns: Russia '41-Drive on Minsk Armor Clash Scenario (PDF) 117KB

SkirmishCampaigns: France '40 - Battles for the Meuse Across the Meuse - Sedan Scenario (PDF) 183KB

SkirmishCampaigns: NORWAY! Encounter at Roa Scenario (PDF) 111KB

SCENARIOS: Special Interest

New Red Waves (PDF) 53KB
This scenario is a large variant of one of the scenarios from the forthcoming "SkirmishCampaigns: Russia '41-Ghosts at Smolensk". It features German pioneers and armor from the 7th Panzer Division facing off against elements from the Soviet 25th Rifle Corps.

Westerplatte: Little Verdun (PDF) 42KB
This scenario pits the brave Polish defenders of Westerplatte's Guardhouse #1against determined German assault forces. The Map from this scenario was taken from a rare Polish book on Westerplatte and its defenders.

Hedgerow Hell (PDF) 79KB
US GIs must fend off a local counterattack by elements of the hearty 352nd Infantry Division just hours after D-Day. This fictional scenario has a few surprises so if you are playing with a gamemaster, don't read the final page! (Scott and his brothers had a great time with this one over Christmas '99)


SkirmishCampaigns Rules Translations (PDF)
The latest rules translation for anyone who needs them.

Stats for Polish AFVs -Battleground (PDF) 50KB
Some stats for Polish AFVs for use with our new SkirmishCampaigns: Poland '39 book. Special thanks to Rolando for his help on this. Check out his EXCELLENT site at:

Random Events Chart (PDF) 57KB
We use these random events when playing with our group- they greatly add to the "fog of war" and unpredictability of our games...use with caution!

Basic River Crossing Rules (PDF) 20KB

These simple house rules are what we use for our Across the Meuse-Sedan scenario and our new Berezina Bridgehead scenario from our SkirmishCampaigns: Russia '41-Drive on Minsk.

Battleground Bunker Chart (PDF) 28KB
This is a set of rules and a chart for using the bunkers in Across the Meuse-Sedan from SkirmishCampaigns: France '40-Battles for the Meuse scenario book.

Cavalry House Rules for Battleground (PDF) 23KB
This is a set of "very drafty" rules that we are working on for a future book...

House Rules for Battleground (PDF) 25KB
These are the house rules that our gaming group uses when testing our scenarios using Battleground (we also play with other rule sets).